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Ensuring Quality Bulk Drugs Across the Globe

Product  Pharmacopoeia  CAS No. Therapeutic Category
Alprazolam EP, USP, IP 28981-97-7 Anxiolytic
Bromazepam EP 1812-30-2 Anxiolytic
Clobazam EP, IP 22316-47-8 Anxiolytic, Anticonvulsant
Clonazepam EP, USP, IP 1622-61-3 Anticonvulsant
Cloxazolam JP, BP 24166-13-0 Hypnotic
Chlordiazepoxide EP, USP, IP 58-25-3 Sedative, Hypnotic
Diazepam EP, BP, USP, IP 439-14-5 Anxiety
Dorzolamide HCl USP, IP 130693-82-2 Anti Glaucoma
Flunitrazepam EP 1622-62-4 Hypnotic
Flurazepam di HCl EP 1172-18-5 Anticonvulsant
Flurazepam mono HCl EP 36105-20-1 Insomnia
Fluvoxamine Maleate EP, USP, IP 61718-82-9 Obsessive and compulsive disorder
Lorazepam EP, USP, IP 846-49-1 Anxiolytic, Anticonvulsant
Loperamide HCl EP, USP, IP 34552-83-5 Diarrhea
Loprazolam Mesilate EP 70111-54-5 Hypnotic
Midazolam Maleate INH 59467-94-6 Anesthesia
Midazolam HCl DAC 59467-96-8 Anesthesia
Midazolam Base EP, USP 59467-70-8 Anesthesia
Nimetazepam EP 2011-67-8 Hypnotic & Anticonvulsant
Nitrazepam EP, BP, IP 146-22-5 Anticonvulsant
Nordazepam EP 1088-11-5 Anticonvulsant & Muscle Relaxant
Olanzapine Form - 1 EP, USP. 132539-06-1 Biopolar Disorder
Pinazepam EP 52463-83-9 Anticonvulsant
Triazolam JP, USP 28911-01-5 Anticonvulsant
Tofisopam JP 22345-47-7 Anxiolytic
Zolpidem Tartrate EP, USP, IP 99294-93-6 Sedative, Hypnotic

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